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Mi'kmaq Connections

School Workshop
At the start of the Pandemic, Keith Mullins and Morgan Toney once again collaborated to discuss the possibilities of taking Toney's debut album, "First Flight" even further. The conversation began on the fact that Mullins travelled across the country, teaching drum workshops. A spark appeared in the minds of both of them, and together they created "Mi'kmaq Connections".
Mi'kmaq Connections is all about connection, positivity, teachings, and to show an example of how the World should be - living in harmony. Also, it is very fun too! This workshop is a highly interactive musical experience teaching students about the Mi'kmaq and Celtic cultures, as well as language, music, and history.

It consists of the journey of the Mi'kmaltic (Mi'kmaq + Celtic) music genre and how it became to be, as well as explaining the different Mi'kmaq phrases and philosophies that the Mi'kmaq People know today.

Students will have the opportunity to learn these important phrases and teachings as they are on Toney's album (refer to "First Flight" album). Students will be learned how to dance the Ko'jua and how to use a percussion instrument called the Ji'kmaqn (wooden splint rattle).

Cape Breton Fiddle Tunes are also a huge part of the workshop, which gives the opportunity for students to show some steps! 

Overall, schools will learn the Mi'kmaq language, Mi'kmaq culture, Mi'kmaq history, and get many opportunities to sing with the band!
Mi'kmaq Connections Workshop
Duration: 2 Hours
Hour 1: 
With a group of 20-30 students who have an interest in music, writing, fiddle music, dancing, and/or Indigenous Culture, these students will work with Mullins and Toney hands on, and will be an important part of the concert (Hour 2)
  • Students will learn how to do the Ko'jua
  • Students will learn the lyrics to songs such as "Msit No'kmaq" and "Resilience" (unreleased).
  • Students will be able to follow along to "Msit No'kmaq" with a stomp-stomp-clap technique (the same technique is used for "We Will Rock You" by Queen
  • Mullins and Toney will rehearse a Cape Breton fiddle set with any dancers in the school.
"We highly encourage all students who can play an instrument to join us on stage!"
Hour 2: 
The second hour is for the entire school! Toney and Mullins will perform a Morgan Toney show, LIVE as you would hear it at any other venue. The show will feature songs off the "First Flight" Album, as well as NEW Songs, and NEW fiddle sets that are not yet released. Because the Concert is a part of the Mi'kmaq Connections Workshop, Morgan will talk about his journey in detail and explain the Mi'kmaq Teachings behind every song that he sings, and not only that but the concert will be more interactive and will be focused more on student participation. 
To book a Mi'kmaq Connections School Workshop, or if you have any questions
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